Best Cold Sore Remedies!

The cold sore remedies are the top first aid treatments necessary to heal the miserable event called cold sore. Some of these events left untreated promise to ruin your week as fast as the ominous dryness or burns on your upper lip. The reason for this misery is a virus called herpes simplex virus. If this virus invades your body and gets into working position, you are sure to get the uncomfortable cold sore symptoms.

These symptoms include a dryness or tingling awareness on your skin. Pretty soon you will see bumps looking like pimples growing up. An extremely contagious liquid fills the sores. After some time these sores open up and spill the liquid. The body then builds a healing crust at the place.

The best cold sore treatment is planning. Build a program with a couple of topical or cold sore home remedies. There are a few people out there who think, bursting the sore and venting off the fluid speeds up the healing process.

This is definitely not wise and may cause more damage than help. The conventional medicine has failed to come up with ways of banishing this simplex virus from our system. This virus is submicroscopic and extremely adapt at hiding inside the cells. In case the virus remains dormant, protective antibodies really can’t uncover it.

These viruses come out during moments of physical and mental stress like important dates, flu or body damage. These viruses also might attack once in a while without warning. Here are some methods of curing the herpes attack.

Always know the food items that aid these viruses and those that will starve it. These viruses need Arginine, so you may avoid food containing high proteins. This is more significant during oral cold sores but some Arginine is necessary for your overall wellness. Nuts and seeds have plenty of Arginine. A common protein fraction Lysine is a potent defender against the virus.

It eliminates arginine from the cells thereby restricting the availability of sufficient arginine for the virus to make new viruses to cause a major outbreak. Dairy products and fish are rich with lysine. Lot of people choose to use lysine supplements consuming 1400 to 1500 mg daily.

If the virus announces itself you need to know about some cold sore remedies. Some home remedies include onion oil, crushed garlic, oregano oil, tea bags, lemon balm and olive oil.  Remember not to touch the affected area with bare fingers especially where the sores are visible.

Also stay away from kissing and sexual acts. This virus is pretty contagious, so avoid any physical contact with others. Most cold sore attacks last for 17 to 24 days. A suitable cure like Herpeset spray can offer a quicker healing. But in case of a severe outbreak, consult your doctor.

You can keep the event covered with any petroleum jelly to assist the recovery by avoiding matters getting worse. You can also apply balms which provide a nerve deadening effect and reduce pain. The medicines providing relief to elevated temperatures and headache like acetaminophen or white willow bark extract do offer some respite to the sores. You can also chew onto the authentic licorice candies or use zinc drops as they are both excellent cold sore remedies.

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