Know the Herpeset Spray Facts! Before You Buy Herpeset!

There are many people out there suffering from the attack of Herpes virus. Any such outbreak is always annoying, embarrassing and painful, sometime all three at a time. Herpes is actually a relatively harmless virus and several people live with it. But it is also a fact that the virus hinders many things. In case you have acquired Herpes and are having to deal with the pains, one of the best cold sore treatments is Herpeset. All you need to do is keep the cold sore remedy at hand.

How is Herpeset Useful?

The spray is medically formulated, 100% natural and homeopathic spray that is recognized by the FDA as a solution capable of relieving your cold sore symptoms. As the product is identified as a medicine, FDA oversees the manufacturing process of the spray and assures that every product coming out is of high standards. If you use Herpeset, you will find that, it brings relief and heals the core sore symptoms caused by the herpes virus quickly.

It is quite common to feel stressed about the cold sore symptoms while suffering from a herpes virus outbreak. The problem is that the induced stress weakens your immune system thereby reducing your capabilities to fight the virus. Sometimes you may be worried about your looks, or might be concerned that you have become contagious. This is not to mention the physical discomfort you are feeling.

Herpeset Dosage

The herpes outbreak means suffering from burning, inflammation, itching, stinging and a feeling of general discomfort and sickness. Herpeset, a liquid spray consumed orally, gets quickly absorbed in to your blood streams right under your tongue. A common mistake while consuming the dosage is to spray on the tongue instead of under it. You can achieve quicker relief by using the spray under the tongue thanks basically due to better absorption into the blood stream and quicker.

All users can rest assured about using this product as it is time tested to be safe and made from established to work homeopathic ingredients. There are no painful side effects involved or the undesirable drug interactions. You may spray the Herpeset liquid under your tongue thrice every day.

Homeopathic  Herpeset Ingredients

All the ingredients used in Herpeset are homeopathic. Some of them are Rhus tox that helps in reducing the itching, wild indigo is responsible for reducing mouth ulcers, cayenne pepper kills the pain and nitric acid helps in healing bleeding and cracking and stopping the virus from spreading. Herpeset also contains Apis mellifica that brings down the swelling and the pain. And lastly pyrogenium that helps in abscess healing.


Even if you are infected with herpes simplex virus, the chances are that you will get distressed by the condition. Confirm this with your doctor and inform you sexual partner before engaging into the act. It is wiser to take precautions like condoms.

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